Mandi House, Delhi: Hub of Creativity

Stage Performance at Shri Ram Centre
Stage Performance at Shri Ram Centre

Mandi house in Delhi, is a place with atmosphere of Drama, Arts, Dance, Music, acting, stage play, creativity and fun. It attracts the people who love acting, dancing, singing, and like to perform on stage. Place is located near I.T.O in Delhi & is well connected by Bus services and Delhi Metro.

This place is covered with Various auditoriums for performing Arts. The most famous acting school of India is situated here name “National School Of Drama”. NSD has three inhouse auditoriums for stage performances. Kamani Auditorium, LTG Auditorium, Shri Ram Centre are other Auditoriums with in the remote area.

You can visit the places, each Auditorium has a notice board with a list of events along with the information about the events. If you want to enjoy the stage play you can purchase a ticket of the event from the counter.

Those who want to make a career in acting, dancing & creativity can also get the information from the Auditorium premises. You can join an acting course or you can just join a theatre group and enter the acting field. There are various theatre groups in Delhi some charge a nominal fees for joining their group and some new theater groups give free chance to new person to join their group. So just go there do some exercise and get a chance to perform which may take you to a long journey of your dreams.


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